Dunelm Testimonial

Payment gateway and acquiring services improved for the UK’s market leader in homewares – Dunelm

Dunelm, the UK’s leading homewares market leader. Renowned for its distinctive and specialist product portfolio, has bolstered its payment gateway and acquiring services through a strategic collaboration with BB Merchant Services. A respected provider of independent banking, payment gateways, and merchant services. Dunelm aims to deliver; quality, value and style to a diverse customer base, leveraging both physical stores and digital channels for a comprehensive retail experience.

BB Merchant Services offers high-quality products and services, surpassing mere benchmarking to provide tailored banking solutions. We specialise in increasing transparency, reducing complexity, and enhancing the value of banking and merchant services for clients across various sectors worldwide.

Alison Muir, Head of Procurement at Dunelm, emphasises the collaborative engagement with BB Merchant Services, highlighting our expertise in navigating the complex payments landscape. Dunelm initiated an in-house Request for Proposal (RFP) for payment gateway and acquiring services. After receiving offers, engaged BB Merchant Services for additional due diligence. This collaboration resulted in securing incremental and meaningful concessions from their chosen supplier.

The partnership underscores the importance of consulting widely in the complex payments space, with BB Merchant Services UK & Ireland serving as a trusted advisor. The successful outcome is attributed to the collaborative efforts and expertise provided by BB Merchant Services. Our team enabled the effective navigation of the complexities of the payment services landscape.

Read how Neil Fillbrook FCII and Jeremy Wakelin worked with Dunelm as independent and trusted partners to complement the due diligence process. Supplying qualitative, quantitative, and commercial input. This approach helped Dunelm gain incremental and meaningful concessions from their chosen supplier.