Our heritage makes us the premier consultancy firm for payment processing


Our heritage has Nordic origins. Since we first launched in Stockholm in 2008, we have built a strong international business headquartered in Oslo. We have offices in 8 locations worldwide and clients in every sector.

​As a result, our intelligence resource covers the widest range of merchant services providers, serving thousands of clients in retail, airlines, hospitality, charities, and insurance.


In an industry where transparency is lacking, pricing is opaque, and impartial advice is rare.

Our goal is to address this imbalance for our clients by being experts in cutting payment processing fees.


Our team of experienced industry experts goes beyond benchmarking to provide our clients with the best independent banking and merchant services support.

Industry experts with decades of experience in Merchant Services achieve this through in-depth knowledge of the markets, global benchmarking, and an unrivalled international network.

Our heritage shapes our values


Benefit from having a trusted guide by your side. We act with professionalism and integrity and are always on the client’s side.

In addition, our experts are trusted by over 3,000 clients across all sectors.


Work with a consultative organisation. We continuously listen, learn, adapt, and execute with agility.

As a result, we challenge the payment processing norms in every market.​


Profit from a team of experts who are easy to work with and customer-centric.

Consequently, we are friendly and collaborative and have an extensive international network.

Our heritage is reflected across our executive team

Per Bjørgås

Neil Fillbrook

Caspar Hjelmeland

Dan Fletcher

Rutger van Overbeek

Vincent Schreinemacher

Scott Conti