Choose to ‘stay and save’ or ‘switch and save’ when it comes to unlocking savings

Benchmarking & Renegotiation Services

Benchmarking and renegotiation services, backed by robust data analytics, allow us to analyse and improve your costs. This approach gives you the choice to ‘stay and save’ or ‘switch and save’ when it comes to unlocking savings.

Cost analysis

Lack of transparency and opaque pricing are undesirable elements of merchant services. Also, we identify all costs and calculate your provider’s net income the same way they do.


Our unrivalled international database and our passion for data-driven analytics enable us to benchmark your terms against the market and identify potential savings.

Tailored solutions

Our unbiased recommendations and access to all products and services across the entire market means we will secure tailored and cost-efficient solutions for you.


With experience from countless negotiations, we guide you safely through renegotiations with your current providers to realise the
potential savings.

Benchmarking Analysis Reveals Savings

Visualise your savings

As part of our benchmarking and renegotiation service, we provide you with access to our unique analysis tool.

In addition, this highly interactive and visual tool allows you to explore your merchant services data in a whole new way. From high-level overviews to detailed views, our benchmarking tool increases the transparency of your merchant services costs.

Gain actionable insights

Our insights tool delivers actionable insights. Your data is benchmarked against our comprehensive database, and together with analysis input, we can highlight any pricing or product inefficiencies of your current provider(s).

As a result, the output is transparent and has clear recommendations.

Want to see our benchmarking tool in action?

The Stay & Save Process

Our streamlined process is straightforward and delivers results. Below is an example of our most popular ‘stay and save’ process flow, which will be tailored to meet your precise needs:​

Easy Data Extraction

We review your contracts and access your current transactions/charges for the last 12 months (we can obtain the data directly from your providers if that’s easier).

Analysis – Part 1

We will play back our understanding of your current arrangements for verification. This then forms the basis of the benchmark.

Analysis – Part 2

We benchmark your prices against our extensive database, identify potential savings, and then agree on your preferred next steps.


We collaborate with you on the renegotiations for better terms from your current providers (no need to change providers unless you want to, 80% of clients ‘stay and save’).

Unlock Cost Savings

We only invoice our success fee once we’ve secured the savings for you. Also, we offer flexible and competitive pricing options to meet your needs.

Benchmarking & Renegotiation

Case Studies

In all aspects of merchant services, we always provide full transparency, detailed analysis, and maximum value for money.