Merchant Services costs improved for Menarys Retail Ltd

From its Nordic origins and launch in Stockholm in 2008, Bankbrokers has built a solid international business headquartered in Oslo, with offices across Europe, the UK and US. It has clients worldwide and in every sector. 

A team of specialists increases transparency, reduces complexity, and improves the value of banking and merchant services for clients. 

Stephen McCammon, CEO of Menarys Retail, reached out to Bankbrokers for expert merchant service support and guidance. 

Stephen comments.

“The increase in our card processing costs, driven by increasing card revenues – in absolute terms and as a share of total revenue – made a review of these unavoidable costs common sense.

Bank Brokers’ proposition of ‘no saving, no fee’ made instructing them to market test and re-negotiate terms for our unique value and pattern of payments straightforward. 

Their process was thorough, transparent, discreet and inclusive: We were completely involved and in control throughout.
We are very pleased with the level of savings achieved. The level of professionalism and integrity exercised by Bank Brokers served as a welcome extension of our own proposition.”

Please click below for full details and further case studies on how Bankbrokers can help with banking and merchant services. 

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