Lowering payment acceptance costs in the hospitality sector

NEW ARTICLE. Lowering payment acceptance costs in the hospitality sector. David Wakelin explores how rising inflation and cost pressures make it more important than ever for businesses to find ways to reduce operating expenses. Reviewing and lowering merchant services costs is one way businesses can do just that. 

The hospitality sector has been hit hard by rising inflation. With travel, dining out, and other services impacted in many areas, businesses in the hospitality sector need help to reduce costs to cope with and manage ever-rising expenses. As a result, one way of doing this is by reviewing and lowering merchant services costs.

Hospitality businesses can also mitigate economic uncertainty by making sure they have fair/transparent pricing & charging mechanisms and reviewing payment processing trails from POS to settlement. 

Read the full article below to learn more about benchmarking and improving merchant services costs. Also, read testimonials from a wide range of businesses across the hospitality sector.

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