Bankbrokers is building back better

Hot news. We have a refreshed strategy and branding but deliver the same high quality.

At the end of 2020, teams across Bankbrokers took part in a strategy review as part of our plan to build back better from the pandemic and likewise accelerate our support for firms doing the same across the UK and Europe.

Over the past decade, we have been successful in offering benchmarking and cost reduction services to organisations.

Our intelligence resource covers the broadest range of worldwide banks, financial markets and industry sectors – serving thousands of clients from retail to airlines, from hospitality to insurance. Although, increasingly, our clients and our teams felt we had become so much more.

To support our growth, we initiated a comprehensive strategic review process to bring this to life that captured our core competencies and drove forward our growth potential over the next five exciting years. 

Increasing transparency

In a financial services industry where transparency is lacking, pricing is opaque and impartial advice is rare, Bankbrokers works hard to address this imbalance.

The outcome has been a clear new vision, mission statement, and brand manifesto built on everything we know to be the best.

It opens up new ventures and opportunities for clients as we build back better. And so, to share our strategy, the board also commissioned a cross country marketing group to build a new corporate visual identity and a website that encapsulated the approach.

The marketing group took soundings internally and externally and collaborated with a superb UK design agency, The Brand Tailor, to design and deliver a new CVI. As part of this exercise, we decided to build on our Nordic heritage plus existing brand name and change our mantra to “Beyond Benchmarking.”

Our Vision

In an industry where transparency is lacking, pricing is opaque and impartial advice is rare, Bankbrokers was founded to address this imbalance for our clients. We increase transparency, reduce complexity and improve the value of banking and merchant services for our clients.

Our new mantra brings to life our heritage, the best benchmarking organisation for banking and merchant services for companies in Europe, plus now offers complimentary debt consultancy and merchant services advisory to our clients.

We’re also increasingly offering our services well beyond European borders with clients in every region on earth and every sector. So, the new “Beyond” theme works well here too. 

The triangulation between Bankbrokers name, the double B and the Beyond Benchmarking works well in my view. Like us, it’s also slightly playful as despite being in financial services, we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

We have also modernised the website and carefully selected a colour scheme to convey strength in bold navy blue for banking and other financial matters. The contrasting pink also provides a softer contrast for our diversity ambitions and human side.

Our Mission

We go beyond benchmarking to provide the best, independent banking and merchant services support to our clients. We achieve this through our in-depth knowledge of the markets, our global benchmarking capability and our extensive international network.

Overall, I believe the whole Bankbrokers team has delivered an ambitious but logical strategy refresh that builds on our strengths and footprint.

Our Team

We are an independent and trusted partner to our clients. Our new approach builds on this and develops us in highly complementary areas where we see many opportunities to build back better and accelerate the benefits we deliver to our clients.

I hope you like the new look, Bankbrokers. We are proud of what we have created. So please follow us on LinkedIn, share your comments and explore some of the services we provide if you haven’t already.

I’m sure you’ll be delighted with the outcomes we deliver, plus I am confident we can also help you build back better.  

Per Bjørgås, Executive Chairman, Bankbrokers Group


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